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2008-12-09 22:47:17 by mrbobbyjoe

Random post.


Yay, today was my birthday! I didn't really do anything though; I stayed at my house with a couple friends and did a bunch of things, then we went to some restaurant for dinner. But hey, it was fun at least.

Finally reached level 11! Seeing as how I rarely deposit, this is an achievement in my eyes.

Happy New Year to everyone! But I'm not hyped up about the new year for some reason. I have no idea why... Also, this page is just going to be the temporary "What's up with my life", at least until I make another news post.

It seems like the computers in my house have gotten some issues.

My laptop has some virus on it that prevents it from even turning on about 2/3 of the time, and the 1/3 of the time that I can go on, it automatically shuts down after about 2 hours. My home PC doesn't have access to the Internet anymore, and gets random messages saying that the computer has a "serious problem".

Sooooo, yeah, don't expect to see a lot of me these couple days. I've been trying to do a system restore on my laptop, but so far it seems unsuccessful, seeing as it refuses to go past the "Pick a Restore Point" step...

Meh, everything's fixed now. Also, I got a new laptop! But I still don't like Vista all that much...


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2008-12-09 22:48:07

tcejbus modnaR

.tsop modnaR



2008-12-10 01:00:43

Joe Mamma.

mrbobbyjoe responds:




2008-12-10 19:32:53

Really? you said random..

(Updated ) mrbobbyjoe responds:

Yes really, so randomly say whatever you want. And no, I didn't really ban you...or did I? Well you won't figure out anyway.



2008-12-12 11:26:05

Cup of Joe.

mrbobbyjoe responds:

Hahaha...haha...ha... Again?